EPSCoR Project = Research + Broader Impacts

In the past two weeks, my knowledge of biorenewable energy has increased ten fold. It has been a rewarding and privileged experience to date, gaining insight on energy efficiency, energy policy and alternative energies. The sad thing is that I consider myself an educated person in the field of clean energy, but like the average American, I don’t spend enough time studying current energy technology. I wonder what percentage of our population could give a supported opinion on their preferred energy source. To have an educated opinion is asking a lot, but I hope that energy jounalism and communication gains popularity.

Back to learning new information – and most importantly for the purpose of this job – I’ve been getting accustomed to what the NSF EPSCoR project embodies. The project is a combination and collaboratioands two components: research and broader impacts. The

Here is a visual I made to represent the different and multiple segments that fit within the broader impacts.


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