Biotechnology Summer Camp & the Center for Social and Camp Behavioral Research

Writing about Kavita’s camp

Kavita Dhanwada demonstrates to a group of students how to use a gel electrophoresis apparatus in their search to find out if specific foods contain genetically modified corn. Agarose gel electrophoresis uses electricity, which forces the DNA to migrate to either end, as a method of separating DNA into pieces.

Words words words

Ten students from the Cedar Falls-Waterloo area, largely 9th and 10th graders, huddle around as their biotechnology summer camp instructor introduces them to new technologies and equipment in a collegiate lab.

Center for Social and Behavioral Research: Focus Group and EPSCoR Evaluation

The Center for Social and Behavioral Research is part of the University of Northern Iowa that performs research studies, using methods like telephone interviewing, face-to-face interviewing, mailed questionnaires, focus groups, and web surveys, to study a specific market’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. The topics of study include, public health, crime, safety, environment, energy, education, housing, and policy priorities.


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