Industrial Technology & Science Teachers Academy: Part 2

Returning to the visit


Josh Bandstra, an industrial technology teacher from Oskaloosa, gives a presentation to fellow teachers about ways to improve his home’s energy efficiency after performing an energy audit.

words about cooking


While the teachers had time to work on their school energy efficiency presentations, Pat Higby and Brice Jensen set out Sun Ovens to make snacks for everyone using a solar cooker.


Pretzels and chocolate covered caramels were all that was used to make this tasty afternoon snack as a result of the solar cooking. On one plate, the heat melted the chocolate and caramel, covering the pretzels squares, and on the other plate, the heat worked to toast crackers and cheese. Cored apples with cinnamon and sugar were also baked earlier in the day.


The teachers attending “Learning and Teaching about Energy for the Next Generation of Iowa’s Leaders” filled out graphs showing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since 1958. Each graph shows two years of data, and when put together, the graph shows a steadily increasing line. The graph helped the teachers visualize the increase in greenhouse gasses and is an example of a classroom educational activity for middle school and high school students.


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