Website Editing

One of my first duties as an intern was to upload, edit and organize the Biorenewables Research Laboratory’s artwork and description on their website. While working on this project, I was pleased to find a picture of a dear friend and brilliant painter, Chris Gordon. He was the second place winner at the First Annual BRL Art Competition in 2o10. The website will be categorized by the type of artist (professional, faculty or student) and under the student column, it will be divided up by year and feature the competition’s winners.ImageI throughly enjoyed working with these images and reading many of the artist’s descriptions and interpretation of their own artwork, and how it relates to the idea of the Biorenewable Research Laboratory. In Chris’ writing, he talked about how using materials that are no longer useful, essentially trash, and using them to make fine arts. That was the definition of renewable to him – when new life uses what it can from the previous existence and channels its qualities to suit its fresh intentions.


Communications meeting in Iowa City

My boss, Bob, and fellow communications intern, Liz, and I went to Iowa City yesterday to meet with some other people involved in the EPSCoR program. After arriving a little earlier than scheduled, we walked around Pentacrest for a few moments and that was the highlight of my day. It wasn’t just the asethic beautiful of the old capital, or that the weather was perfect, it was that I got to be back on the campus of The University of Iowa. It truly is a very fine university.

Located in the center of The University of Iowa’s Pentacrest, the Iowa Old Capitol Building is the focal point of the campus. Originally built in 1842 as the first capitol, the newly restored building features a 23 3/4 carat gold leaf covered dome.

Not far from that highlight was the one of working with a great group of people. The wonderful thing about EPSCoR is that it’s a state-wide program that encourages research and collective efforts from the universities within the state of Iowa. As a future

On our adventure around campus, we stopped by the Levitt…………..

The Levitt Center for University Advancement is home to The University of Iowa Foundation, UI Alumni Association and UI Museum of Art. To enhance university advancement, the facility provides as the primary location for alumni communication, fundraising, public relations, economic development and outreach events. (Architect Charles Gwathmey)

We looked at a few different, but neither less than grand

This meeting room located in the Levitt Center is equipped with new technologies, and is a great place for large, discussion oriented business meetings.

Day Two: Getting Adjusted

Today is my second day at the Bioeconomy Institute, but it almost feels like my first. I have been working with my iPad to become better familiar with it. I added applications that will help me gain knowledge in science, accommodate my interviewing, and will make my photography look it’s best.

One project that was given to me involved documenting all the artwork in the Biorenewables Research Laboratory. This set is my favorite.

Created after a collaboration between Barbara Walton and Dr. Tong Wang, this series of twelve paintings was made from a sustainable, soy wax formula which is on display in the Biorenewables Research Laboratory.

First Day: Road Trip

The night before starting my internship, I was slightly overwhelmed by the events taking place on my first day: a business meeting with Pella Corportation. The only reason to be overwhelmed was because we were meeting with the directors of the company and leaders in their industry. But, when the morning came, I was excited and ready to go.

We had a wonderful time

Weitz employees work all day on the construction of the Biorenewable Complex, located on the west side of the Iowa State University campus. Scheduled to be completed by fall of 2014, the new complex will be home to current residents at the Biorenewables Research Laboratory and agriculture and biosystems engineering.